Our Programs and Platforms

While our focus is on custom training of migrants for the companies willing to hire them, we achieve our full impact through a combination of clearly defined social programs, technology platforms and human intervention.

Training Program
2-12 months

Offers standard market-based programs and custom skill sets training required by businesses.

Learning platform
Web & Mobile

Provides continuous access to content and programs online and via mobile devices.

Mentoring program
Experts & Volunteers

Matches migrants with with experts and volunteers specific professional skills.

Online Marketplace
Products & Services

Where migrants offer products and freelance services and build experience and reputation.

Online Job platform
Moderated & Validated

Allows validated businesses and migrants to post job opportunities and interests directly.

IT Outsourcing
Software & Services

We offer local affordable software development and IT services to businesses by migrants.

Corporate Integration Program
Facilitates & Eliminates Risks

We accompany hired migrants for 6 months with weekly follow-up with supervisors, colleagues and themselves, reducing the risk of hiring.