Technical and Learning Assistance

Participating migrants, volunteers, mentors and corporations benefit from our continuously expanding library of digital resources and from remote support available via multiple channels.

Support Spaces

  • Common support area for all participants.
  • Specific support areas for each training program.
  • Specific support areas for migrants, volunteers, mentors, donors, customers¬†and employers.

Channels for Assistance

  • Public support from experts, mentors and peers.
    • Community forums.
    • Public online chats.
    • Regular digital hang-outs and realtime¬†conversations.
  • Private in-person assistance from mentors.
    • At participating community centers.
    • On a regular schedule or per request.
  • Private, remote and digital assistance from mentors.
    • Via web forms or e-mail.
    • In real time.
      • On the fly or scheduled in advance.
      • Via web chat, Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp and phone calls.

Resources for Self-Assistance

  • Frequently Asked Questions.
    • Collected and updated periodically.
  • Digital Library of Resources.
    • Online, interactive, downloadable and printable materials.
    • Step by step digital guides and interactive instructions.
    • Narrated and animated explanations.
    • A carefully curated collection of links and references.
  • Online Courses.
    • Web and mobile unlimited perennial access to the full content of all courses.