Project Based Learning

Our programs are based on a learning by doing approach where participants learn by solving real challenges with practical goals around relevant situations to develop skills relevant to themselves and the job market.

Below is a sample list of some of the practical learning units covered in our programs, some covering simple tasks and others complex projects,

work in progress and more units will be added both as we generate the content and as a result of specific requests, interests and priorities from the stakeholders.

e-Commerce Projects

  • Create an Online Store for Products.
  • Create an Online Service Store.

Web Projects

  • Create an Interactive Content Web Site.
  • Create an Interactive Digital Social Space.
  • Create a Citizen Reporting App with Geolocation and Maps.

Software Development Projects

  • Create a Mobile app.
  • Create a video game.
  • Create a mobile video game.

Social Media Projects

  • Create and Run a successful crowdfunding/fundraising campaign.
  • Create a Facebook Page for a local Business.
  • Create a Facebook Group for an Organization.

Social Entrepreneurship Projects

  • Solve a social problem with a digital solution.
  • Solve a social problem with a business solution.

Entrepreneurship and Business Skills

  • Create a business idea, pitch, one-pager and plan.
  • Create a social business idea, pitch, one-pager and plan.

Disruptive Technologies

  • Create a transmedia experience and project.
  • Program a Raspberry Pi device to react to human interaction or environmental conditions.