Our Courses and Curriculum

Our comprehensive courses are based on our team's more than 20 years of developing social innovation and impact technology initiatives, our field experience with vulnerable communities, disaster survivors and academic ecosystems and our successful workshops in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Digital Society Citizenship | 3 months

Our introductory program is carefully designed to level the digital skills of migrants and develop competitive proficiency with digital tools, platforms and services. Participants learn to use digital tools for mundane tasks, practical activities and relevant goals, from finding directions on digital maps and saving their documents on-line to applying for jobs and using e-mail effectively. Key among the skills covered is learning to create and curate a personal digital profile and presence, actively participating and interacting directly with the rest of the digital world in a safe, well behaved and well informed manner. Completing the program allows proper integration with our global information society with reduced risks, awareness of its opportunities and the skills to profit from them.

Lean Social Entrepreneurship | 2 months

The best way to end poverty is to generate wealth with those who need it, not just for them or from them. While Humanity continues to struggle with basic social challenges in the 21st Century, some dating back millennia, the past 40 years have witnessed an unprecedented level of innovation, problem-solving and product and service development reaching billions within a few years, beyond the achievements of any previous charity, social, political, religious or economic approach. Today there are more mobile phones than toilets and toothbrushes in the world. Profit can be a powerful driver for creating efficient and sustainable solutions to social challenges.

In this course we immerse participants into the world of Social Entrepreneurship and the wide spectrum of Social Impact from Business and Profit possibilities. You learn from real life examples of successes and failures and the lessons they teach us. But you also learn by doing, with step by step instructions with plenty of examples, templates and models to follow. Everything you need to create your startup, improve the effectiveness of your business project and successfully present it to partners, investors and stakeholders.

Immersive Entrepreneurship Program | 2 months

Entrepreneurship is not a part-time hobby. In order to succeed with your startup you have to breath, eat, read, walk, work, dream and sleep as an entrepreneur. This comprehensive program provides an immersive dive into the world of entrepreneurship and it's many aspects and stages, combined with a hands-on practical approach full of real life cases, scenarios and customizable tools for personal practice and guaranteed guided learning and exploration to provide value for both the novice and the seasoned entrepreneur.

Introduction to Software Development | 6 months

Participants learn how to create dynamic, interactive apps and web apps through a hands-on, practical approach, by creating real and functioning software relevant to their needs.

The languages of choice are Javascript and Python, as they are easy to learn, can be used to build working solutions quickly and are robust enough to build full fledge real-life applications.

Web Development | 6 months

A 6 month intensive track based on hands-on, project based learning program that covers from the creation of simple web pages to the development of fully interactive sites and web applications compatible with both mobile devices and any browser on Internet connected computers.

Mobile Apps Development | 4 months

A 4 month intensive track based on hands-on, project based learning of cross-platform mobile applications.

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash