Personal Collaboration

We believe in the power of collaborative work, connecting and engaging together, beyond what we ourselves do. This is achieved by enabling efficient matching mechanisms for migrants, mentors, locals, peers and volunteers to find each other.

All migrants can describe their areas of expertise (skills, abilities, past experience), interests (topics, activities, etc.) and activities willing to pursue (learning, working, starting a business, volunteering, etc.) and indicate their interest of being matched in any of the following spaces:

  • Mentor - Pupil Matching:
    • Migrants and volunteers can both find others to mentor or from whom receive guidance and tutoring.
  • Peer Matching:
    • Migrants are matched with locals with similar skill sets, interests, experiences, trade or businesses to explore collaboration opportunities, interact and exchange.
    • Bakers are connected with bakers, restaurant owners with restaurant owners and cooks, teachers with teachers, shop/business owners with business people, etc.
    • They can come up together with collaboration plans, business ideas and even help each other on their own.
  • Migmatch:
    • Migrants are matched with other migrants with similar interests and shared paths so that they can support each other in the learning, skills development and integration journey,
    • This provides them with a wider and more diverse social network than the one of their immediate peers in their current locations, limiting the influence of negative or absent roles.

Register to Volunteer or Mentor

Register on our platform (contact details remain confidential) to join our activities and to enable us to match your skills, interests and availability with suitable project opportunities and migrants. You can even propose new activities!